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We want you to think of us as your attorneys for life, not just for this one case. In and out of the courtroom, you can look to us for the legal advice and representation you need.


Litigating, our forte. Winning,
our virtue.


For us here at Koch & Associates, law is a career. Our firm’s founding lawyer, attorney David O. Koch, is a fifth-generation lawyer, his lineage stretching all the way back to his great-great-grandfather, a graduate of The John Marshall Law School.

Therefore, we know the law is about service. It is about protecting families and their hopes for the future.

To that end, we aim to serve you for life. When you choose to work with us, we make it our goal to win you back again and again and again.

Our Practice Areas

Real Estate

Real Estate


As a licensed realtor, attorney Koch understands how the real estate world works.

personal injury

DUI And Traffic Violations

Are you sure you understand your rights? Let us help you understand your case clearly.

aviation law



We want to help you get your financial independence back.

How Can We Help You Today?

From our office in Cicero, we offer legal representation to clients throughout the Chicago, Illinois, area. In doing so, our legal team puts more than 50 years of combined experience to work on your case.

We can help you protect your rights and those of your loved ones in a broad range of matters, including:


Real estate


DUI and traffic violations


Foreclosure defense


Debt negotiation




The experience our firm holds means we can advise you intelligently even when the law that applies to your case is unsettled or even nonexistent. You will move forward confidently, knowing you have relied on the legal experience of seasoned professionals when assessing and choosing from your legal options.

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You will also feel better if you speak Spanish as your first language. Attorney Koch will speak directly to you in Spanish without a translator. You will know your needs are being heard and addressed by your attorney.

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